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The Biobor Newsletter

Here you can find the latest edition of the Biobor Newsletter. The Biobor Newsletter is a regular publication put out to keep our customers up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of fuel additives and engine protection. Check back regularly for new information.

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Bradley Roy vs. Cliff Crochet

We have had two winners in our Biobor Fishing Contest, Richard Greene and Tom Jeffrey. To participate go to: Biobor Fishing Contest

Congrats Bradley on your #2 Finish

Bassmaster Elite Series Open event this past weekend.


Ram Mega Bass presented by
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The event was a huge success with many anglers taking home a new Ram Truck. Ken Addington topped 1748 anglers with a new world record at a Big Bass Tournament with a 9.68 pounder which also helped him take home a Ram Truck & Skeeter ZX 190-Yamaha 150. Six additional hourly winners took home Ram trucks.


Come see us at the Sailfish Pro Series tournament in Keywest, FL


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FORCE on FORCE presented by Biobor EB

Be sure to catch the new TV Show Force on Force presented by Biobor EB on the Sportsmans channel.

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Our team has just returned from the Bassmaster Classic, Heli-X, IMBC and Above Ground Tank Show. We wanted to thank all of you who stopped by our booth and those who signed up  as distributors of Biobor JF, Biobor MD and Biobor EB.

Upcoming Trade Shows
AREE (Atlantic Regional Energy Expo) - May 1-3- Atlantic CIty NJ
NBAA - May 1-3 - Nashville TN
Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo - May 6-8 - Dallas TX
Electric Power Show - May 15-18 - Baltimore MA
Worldwide Energy Petro Expo - May 28-31 - Washington DC

We hope to see you there!

Allan Hohman

Fuel Additives Inc.


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last week there were two very instrumental events which occurred concerning the implementation of E15 gasoline. The first was the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval of E15 (gasoline with 15 percent ethanol) as a registered fuel. The second was a bipartisan bill introduced in both houses of Congress, called the Domestic Fuels Act of 2012. This bill strips consumers of their right to litigate if their small engine or older engine becomes damaged after being forced to use E15 gasoline.

The bill contains a provision that would make it illegal for a retailer to be held responsible for damages that could occur as a result of misfueling by consumers, so long as the retailer has complied with the U.S. EPA’s misfueling regulations. The proposed legislation would protect retailers against potential liability should consumers use E15 in small engines, vehicles produced earlier than model year 2001, or in any other nonapproved engine and would also prevent retailers from being held liable if the consumer’s use of a fuel voids the vehicle/small engine warranty.

This is very worrisome for anyone that owns any kind of vehicle or equipment that uses gasoline. The use of E15 voids many engine manufactures warranty. Car and truck engines, except for those designed to use Flexfuels, can be irreparably damaged by ethanol, and apparently manufacturers aren't sympathetic to warranty claims. E15 was originally approved only for vehicles built in 2007 and later. However, the most recent guideline waiver is allowing use of E15 in model year 2001 or later. Lately, many boaters have expressed their concerns to us asking if Biobor EB is formulated to protect their engines when using the new E15 levels of ethanol. Biobor EB is great for E15 gasoline and works the same way it does in regular E10 gas. Biobor EB shields your engine from these increased effects of ethanol by preventing the ethanol and water in your tank from bonding.

Without Biobor EB, the ethanol and water will bond in your fuel system, causing it to separate from the gasoline and sink to the bottom of the tank. Since your engine draws fuel from the bottom of the tank, when it processes this ethanol/water mixture it will lead to incomplete combustion resulting in major engine part failure as well as attacking vital engine parts, including gaskets, hoses, and seals. All of this results in a loss of power, poor fuel economy, stalling and increased build up in your tank, causing thousands of dollars' worth of engine component damage. Biobor EB is your best choice to combat the harmful effects of the upcoming E15 gasoline. By preventing ethanol and water from bonding in your tank, ethanol will be processed in a properly blended state protecting your engine from its harmful effects.

Click Here to Watch Our Animation that shows how Biobor Combats Ethanol in Fuel


Newest Distributor: Big Rock Sports

From different corners of the country, these successful regional companies came together as one, forming what is known today as Big Rock Sports, headquartered in Newport, NC. Today, the Big Rock Sports companies inventory over 190,000 SKU's in nearly 500,000 square feet of warehouse space. With over 160 external and internal sales representatives, we're servicing more than 15,000 fishing, ice fishing, hunting, shooting, camping and marine retailers in 50 states, the Caribbean and 9 foreign countries. Throughout our 5 regional distribution centers we depend on the Big Rock family. Over 650 employees make up the outside sales and inside support teams who are dedicated and committed to the growth of our company. Each of them play an integral part in the success of the overall operation. It is their dedication, abilities and willingness to adapt to a constantly changing environment that is responsible for who we are today.