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Jet Fuel Additives

The dawn of jet aviation introduced a new threat to the safety of passengers and aircraft alike; microbial contamination. Left untreated it will clog fuel systems and literally destroy an aircraft. Biobor in all your fuel all the time will safeguard aircraft performance and protect it against the ravages of microbial induced corrosion.

Why Use Our Aviation Fuel Additives?

Corrosion is the number one enemy of every fixed wing and rotor aircraft. Waste from microbial contamination is highly acidic and can not only interrupt the flow of fuel to the engine, but quickly cause major structural damage to an aircraft. Biobor JF protects fuel system components from hydrocarbon utilizing microorganisms (HumBugs) while adding back lubricity lost in modern refining procatices. Virtually all engine and aircraft manufactures recognize Biobor JF as the preferred choice to safeguard fuel and aircraft.