We're in this together.

At Hammonds, we acknowledge that the emergence of online business brings new opportunities and new responsibilities.  We embrace the opportunity to provide our services to you in an open and personalized manner. But we share with you the responsibility of controlling the exchange, storage, and use of selected personal information about our website visitors and customers.

Public areas
Certain areas of the HammondsCos.com web site contain information supplied by visitors and others. We are not responsible for comments, advice, information, or any other posting made by visitors or others in these areas.

Biobor.com reserves the right to review materials posted in any public areas and to delete or edit them, for any reason, at any time.

The information we collect
This site collects information about you, including your email address as requested. In addition, information you agree to provide us when registering for our online services -- such as your name, title, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, and credit-card information -- is collected and retained. We may verify or combine this information with data about you that we have gathered from other sources or that we may already have in our files.

Why we collect it
Our intention is always to gather only the information needed to serve you better and never to gather information without your knowledge. We aim to balance our legitimate business interests with a level of privacy you would reasonably expect in the normal "offline" world.

Anonymous information about our website visitors as a group is collected mostly through standard analysis of our Web-server log files. We use this information to closely monitor which areas of the site are used most and to determine which areas we need to focus on improving. This information is used exclusively by Biobor.com in aggregate form so that we may continue to improve the value of the services and information on the Web site for our visitors and customers as a whole.

Sensitive information
If your relationship with us includes providing one of our business units with personal information that is particularly sensitive, we will protect that information with extra care. We define sensitive data as including Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, personal financial data and similar. There will be no external distribution of this sensitive data outside of our immediate company.