In Business, We Stand Stronger Together
Than Any One of Us Do Apart.

In January, 2009, The Hammonds Companies were purchased by FabCorp, Inc., also headquartered in Houston, TX. FabCorp is a world-class fabrication and machining company with customers around the globe. We share many of the same business philosophies, including the drive and determination to offer innovation and value to our loyal base of customers. It is now and will continue to be an outstanding partnership of equals.

FabCorp owns and operates several other companies, too. We are all part of the same ownership team, and we share in each other's success. Click on the links below to learn more about each of them:


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Hammonds Companies


Logo FabCorp

FabCorp, Inc.


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Source Metals


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Powder Cote of Texas


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Hippo Hopper


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Hohman Associates, Inc.