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Biobor Family of Fuel Additives

The Biobor line of Fuel Additives dramatically reduce fuel costs by improving gas mileage, prolonging engine life, and eliminating sludge for cleaner combustion. The result is better mileage and a cleaner burning engine.

Why use Biobor Fuel Additives?

Today's fuel is put to the test every day in a variety of operating conditions from microbial organisms that actually grow in diesel tanks, corrosive properties of ethanol,and potential lubricity problems associated with low sulfur diesel fuels.Well.....any number of things can happen to negatively impact fuel performance in your vehicle, boat, truck or heavy equipment.

Fortunately many of these known problems can be minimized and even reversed by using one of the Biobor Family of Products. The Biobor line of gas and diesel additives reduceoperating costs, prolong engine life, reduce harmful emissions, eliminate sludge for cleaner combustion, extend fuel filterlife, and eliminates the harmful effects of ethanol. The result is better mileage and a cleaner burning engine.

The History of Biobor Fuel Additives

You're probably familiar with the Biobor name. Originally developed and formulated by U.S. Borax in 1965, Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. has owned and marketed the flagship Biobor JF brand for nearly 30 years. Jet and diesel engine manufacturers have come to recommend this outstanding additive in many of their operating manuals as the preferred industry standard fuel additive for eliminating Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-Organisms (HUM Bugs) in fuel tanks. Biobor JF is certified for use by the US Coast Guard and the only diesel additive given a military MIL Spec number.

Other Products from Biobor Fuel Additives

In addition, Hammonds also offers Biobor EB (Ethanol Buster) which combats the harmful effects of ethanol in gasoline and increases engine efficiency. Ethanol is extremely corrosive and can be detrimental to your engine if not properly blended with the gasoline in your tank. Over time ethanol will separate from the gasoline in your tank. Biobor EB prevents Fuel Phase Separation, cleans disperses sludge and stabilizes gasoline for storage.

Biobor MD (Marine Diesel) is a cutting-edge over-the-road fuel conditioner engineered to enhance fuel performance, increase fuel lubricity and lowering the cold pouring point(CFPP) by up to 25 degreesFahrenheit. Biobor MD increases the cetane levels for easier cold starting, and cleans the entire system of sludge. Treating your fuel regularly with Biobor MD provides more available horsepower, torque, and fuel economy while reducing up to 94% of soot output and carbon buildup.

The Biobor Family of Fuel Additives are distributed nationally by West Marine and other fine marine distributors.