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Lubribor CI/LI

Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricity Additive
  • For use in jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, heating oil and kerosene
  • Provides superior corrosion protection
  • Lubricates vital engine parts
  • Approved for aviation
  • Approved for military aviation: QPL-25017 and QPL 68-251
  • Reduces engine wear by over 20%
  • Lowers maintenance costs

LubriBor® is a concentrated jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, heating oil and kerosene corrosion inhibitor/lubricity improver, designed to protect the quality of finished petroleum products and assure optimum corrosion protection for pipelines, tanks and fuel systems.

Available in: 16 oz. (12 per case), 1 Gallon (4 per case), 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum


Remove any water or contamination present in the fuel prior to applying additive. For maximum corrosion protection, LubriBor should be added directly to the fuel as far upstream as possible. For most effective blending, use metered injection, or if splash blending, add the appropriate quantity of LubriBor to treat the entire fuel load during the loading of the storage tank of fuel transport. Only add to a fuel tank with at least 25% fuel load and only to tanks free of water and sediment.

Use LubriBor at a concentration of no less than one fluid ounce per 75 U.S. gallons of diesel fuel. The preferred method of blending is to apply the appropriate amount of LubriBor during fueling operations. Fill tank to one-half desired amount, apply proper dosage, then resume fueling operation.

Other Industries


Make sure your aircraft operates at peak performance by using one of Biobor’s fuel additives designed for engine.

  • Kills and prevents microbial growth
  • Dual phase – works in both fuel and water
  • Increases lubricity
  • Prevents corrosion in fuel systems
  • Recommended by OEMS worldwide
  • Prevents clogged filters
  • The industry standard since 1965

  • Maintains engine power levels longer
  • Reduces carbon and cook deposits
  • Reduces high-temp fuel combustion issues
  • Reduces fuel nozzle cleanings
  • Reduces operating expenses
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Cleans turbine systems
  • Improves flight safety

  • Detects harmful fungus and bacteria in fuel
  • Ensures fuel supply quality
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Early warning detection of microbial infestation in fuel
  • Detects microbes in all hydrocarbon fuels and oils

  • Rapid detection of microbial contamination
  • Semi-quantitative results
  • Leading edge science and technology
  • Results app for instant analysis reporting

All the Fuel, All the Time®

Biobor is the premiere fuel additive for jet fuel, diesel and gasoline