High-Tech Lubricity Agent for Low-Sulfur Fuels

• Adds Lubricity
• Corrosion Protection
• Mil-SPEC Product
• Commercial and Military Jet Fuel
• Reduces Engine Wear
• Protects Vital Parts

Product Description

Reduced lubricity in todays diesel fuel can cause problems for its users. Thats why Hammonds brings you LubriBor® Hi-Tech Lubricity Agent, the concentrated diesel fuel additive designed to improve fuel lubricity and reduce fuel system wear.

Why Use Lubribor?

Hammonds' Lubribor® is a Hi-Tech Corrosion Inhibitor/lubricity improver and is listed on ASTM D-910 as being approved for use in aviation gasoline. Lubribor® is also used in military aviation turbine fuel both as a corrosion inhibitor and lubricity improver. *US Dept. of Defense, QPL-25017 *UK Ministry of Defence, QPL 68-251 Applications: LubriBor® is specially formulated for use in low sulfur diesel fuel, now required for all over-the-road vehicles, and may be used in other applications such as boating, industrial and construction equipment, mining and farm equipment...