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What are the warning signs of MIC?  For the fuel system owner, the signs are many.  Below are some of the major warning signs:

11 Fuel System Warning Signs

  1. Premature dispenser filter replacements
  2. Corroded dispenser filters
  3. Dispenser meter replacements due to corrosion
  4. Corroded STP components
  5. Frequent or repeated proportional valve replacement
  6. Slow flow issues
  7. Premature or repeated hanging hardware failures
  8. Leak detector failures
  9. Shear valve failure
  10. Line and tank failure
  11. Probe failure

11 Engine Warning Signs

  • Fuel injector failure
  • Faulty high pressure pump
  • Exhaust smoking heavily
  • Low compression
  • Engine runs rough at lower RPM
  • Engine does not start or is hard to start
  • Engine fails under load
  • Knocking or pinging issue
  • Fuel pump failure
  • Fuel filters clog prematurely or repeatedly
  • Fuel line failure

Whether a fuel system or an engine, the problem with MIC is serious and costly. Corrosion represents the single largest expense in the US economy, 6.2% GDP. For the fuel system owner, the liability of a potential fuel release is very real if fuel quality is not maintained.  For the engine owner, failure is common.  It has been noted that 90% of generators do not start or stop shortly after starting during an emergency.  Over 75% of those engine failures are due to bad fuel.

The first step to managing fuel is calling Hammonds Fuel Additives, manufacturer of Biobor®JF and the family of Biobor® additives including diesel fuel and gasoline products designed to remediate, stabilize, clean and enhance fuel. If are experiencing problems with MIC contact Hammonds and find out how to reduce costs, downtime, liabilities and risk. If you are using someone else’s products find out why you need to make the change to Biobor®. Join the Biobor®Revolution and be a part of the Biobor®Advantage.

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