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It is critical to Hammonds that we get things right for our customers. That is why our customer service commitment reflects our customer first philosophy. These company values are reflected in the following expectations we have of ourselves.

The Biobor Customer Advantage

  • We put our customers first. Your needs are taken with urgency and attention. That means we listen closely and strive to make every interaction with you a positive experience.
  • We are problems solvers. With an ever-changing fuel industry, comes new challenges. Our customers come to Hammonds, with the expectation that we will be able to solve their fuel problems. Whether a contamination issue or a fuel additive need, we find the answers.
  • We provide honest answers and do not make commitments we cannot keep. Integrity is an essential part of our company values. That is why we place so much importance on good science. Quality fuel biocides and fuel additives require good science. When customers come to us with questions, we answer from a sound scientific framework.
  • We are constantly learning. Even with over 58 years of product development, testing and studies, we never stop learning. It is important for us to support our customers with the most up-to-date information.
  • We are industry leaders. Every year, our team is involved in industry events. We have provided a consistent level of support, training and cooperation throughout the decades and continue that support to the industries we serve today.

Hammonds Fuel Additives is committed to its customers. Customer satisfaction and continued improvement are built into our company DNA. The reason why our customers remain customers is the same reason why we continue to grow. The Customer Advantage is The Biobor Advantage.

Is The Customer Advantage
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