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RV’s are all about fun and there is nothing fun about being stalled on the side of the road with a clogged fuel system or major engine failure caused by ethanol separation in the fuel. Biobor products will keep the “Recreation” in RV while protecting your investment.

Why Use Our RV Products?

Recreational vehicles live a dual life; they often sit idle for long periods of time and then, without warning or much preparation, are placed in grueling service driving at highway speeds, overloaded, pulling trailers and expected to perform as though there are no limits to their power and durability. In addition, since many folks make the assumption that a motor home is just like my car, they forget how different the operating conditions really are.

We take our cars and their fuel for granted since they are used regularly and experience a high turnover of fuel over time; so, if the fuel isn’t perfect, not much is noticed. Not so with a recreational vehicle. Biobor offers products that will stabilize your diesel or ethanol based gasoline, keeping microbial contamination from clogging your system and ethanol from destroying your engine and its fuel system components. Check out Biobor JF and Biobor EB, and while you’re at it, consider checking your diesel for bugs with a Biobor Hum Bug Detector Kit; very inexpensive insurance for your peace of mind.