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Your lawn equipment requires clean, fresh gasoline free from water and concentrated ethanol. Today’s gasoline contains ethanol which absorbs water and quickly separates from fuel reducing octane making equipment hard to start and shortening engine life. Biobor EB protects your investment and guarantees that your equipment will work each and every time.

Why Use Our Lawn & Garden Products?

Beat up, worked to death and abused; that describes the tens of millions of gasoline powered lawn and garden tools in use today. Old, stale fuel, poorly and inaccurately blended fuel-oil mixtures and worst of all, fuel that contains ethanol take years off the serviceable life of engine powered equipment, not to mention the frustration of things not working when you need them most.

Ethanol is perhaps the most serious threat of all since it is highly corrosive, deteriorates and hardens gaskets, seals, hoses and other rubber components and can literally melt the pistons in your garden tool’s engine. Biobor EB is formulated to keep ethanol blended in the fuel and minimize the corrosive and dissolving effects on every part that comes into contact with fuel. Biobor uses technology formulated for jet aviation to keep all the components of your fuel where they belong…..blended. Regular use of Biobor EB in all your fuel will keep your garden tools starting and running great. Only trouble is, it may be years before your wife will let you buy a new one.