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Biobor products provide boaters a solution for the fuel issues faced in the marine environment. Ultra-low sulfur diesel and bio-blends plague the diesel vessel operator and the harmful effects of ethanol in gasoline are becoming more and more prevalent.

Biobor JF has been the most widely used marine diesel biocide and lubricity additive for nearly 50 years and coupled with Biobor MD, complete fuel system protection is achieved. Biobor EB provides boaters a complete gasoline-ethanol treatment to not only combat the effects of ethanol, but clean the fuel system and stabilize fuel during storage periods.

Why Use Our Marine Products?

The marine environment presents a unique list of potential fuel related issues. Humid atmosphere, long periods of inactivity, questionable fuel quality, new formulations with ethanol and low sulfur and now bio fuels create a witches brew that can disable your boat and ruin expensive engines and fuel system components. See how the Biobor family of specialized products can safeguard not only your marine investment but your peace of mind. Biobor protects diesel, bunker, kerosene, gasoline, ethanol and bio fuels.