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Best Ethanol Fuel Treatments

Two Great Gasoline Additives to Keep Your Engine Running

The Ethanol Problem – Ethanol is extremely corrosive and can be detrimental to your engine if not properly blended with the gasoline in your fuel tank. Ethanol over time will separate from the gasoline in your fuel tank, settle to the bottom of your fuel tank and mix with water often present. Called phase separation, it can result in your engine burning an ethanol/water mixture, which will damage your engine, reduce engine efficiency and power. If your boat, truck, stand-by power unit or fuel storage tank sits unused for any length of time, phase separation is a common occurrence. Use two Biobor products to protect your engine from corrosion and fuel phase separation associated with ethanol fuel.

Ethanol Buster and Performance Enhancer

BioborEB is a specifically formulated additive for gasoline and ethanol fuel blends which helps combat the negative effects of ethanol in fuel tanks and engines while increasing engine performance, efficiency and fuel stability. Unlike other gasoline additives, BioborEB is alcohol free. BUY NOW

  • Prevents phase separation
  • Stabilizes gasoline for up to 18 months in storage
  • Protects both two and four-cycle engines
  • Cleans engine… acts as a detergent
  • Cleans injectors and valves providing better combustion and fuel efficiency
  • Prevents corrosion

Biocide and Lubricity Additive

Biobor JF is the most widely recognized fuel biocide and lubricity additive to prevent and kill microbes, ensure reliable fuel and reduce engine failure. Helps to prevent the corrosion. Unique to other products, many major engine manufacturers recommend the use of Biobor JF by name. BUY NOW

  • Prevents clogged filters that shut down your engine
  • Prevents corrosion of tanks and fuel lines
  • Works in both water and fuel phases for more effective kill…. industry leader
  • Adds lubricity exceeding ASTM standards, to Increase engine efficiency, protect elastomers
  • Approved MIL-SPEC
  • Recommended by major engine manufacturers worldwide

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