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Railroad engines operate in a unique environment. Hours, even days of continuous maximum power operation in between long maintenance intervals demand that fuel be clean and deliver the best possible combination of performance and lubricity. Biobor JF protects against microbial growth causing sludge and reduces wear on cylinder walls by up to 50%.

Why Use Our Rail Products?

There are some pieces of equipment that simply cannot fail; trains are one of them. Since they operate over long distances where there is no road service, every possible effort must be made to insure fuel is clean and free of contaminants that can interrupt the flow to the engine. Microbial growth can quickly clog fuel filters and bring a train to an unscheduled stop and once contaminated, cleanup requires specialized equipment and takes and engine out of service for an extended period. Biobor is the single most important part of locomotive preventative maintenance since it will protect against all the common forms of hydrocarbon utilizing microbes. In addition to fuel quality, studies by the New York Railway has proven that Biobor also reduces cylinder wear by as much as 50%. Reduced wear means lower friction which translates into higher operating efficiencies. Tested and approved around the world, Biobor is the most recommended diesel fuel additive, period.