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The liabilities and financial risks associated with contaminated fuel are high if ignored. How do I know I have a problem? The warning signs and problems can be complex, but the system history helps to reveal the extent of the problem. Accelerated corrosion, fuel discoloration, clogged filters and water issues are all tell, tell signs of bigger problems. When these signs are evident, the risks are very real.

4 Risks to consider when dealing with fuel quality

  1. Operational Risk – not managing fuel quality carries the risk of operational downtime and losses. When the power goes off due to bad fuel, the most obvious risk is operational. Studies show that over 75% of generator failure are due to bad fuel.
  2. Reputational Risk – sustained power loss can become a reputational problem with any organization and the individuals responsible for maintaining power. If fuel quality is not at the forefront of your maintenance program then the loss of reputation is likely.
  3. Health and Safety Risk – no doubt that the loss of power poses a health and safety risk to those affected. This is especially true in the emergency management and healthcare sectors.
  4. Value Risk – there is a financial risk when fuel quality is ignored. The ideal management program reduces financial risk! Do not wait until it is too late.

Risk reduction management begins with sampling and testing first.  Sample and test data help build a model that enables accurate need assessment and proper maintenance responses.  With this data you will know when, where and how to deal with fuel quality issues while reducing costs and liabilities. Remember to test, treat with Biobor® and protect your fuel.

Biobor® products are the worldwide standard. Biobor®JF is the original, industry standard biocide since 1965, used in the most critical application – aviation. Independently tested, EPA registered and OEM approved for use in all hydrocarbons. It does not affect fuel performance and is more stable, less corrosive and safer to handle than other products. The Biobor® family of products includes diesel fuel and gasoline additives designed to remediate, stabilize, clean and enhance fuel. If you manage fuel and fuel systems, and are not using additives as a way to reduce costs and liabilities contact the Biobor® experts and find out how they can help you develop a personalize FQM program. If you are using non-Biobor® products, contact us and find out why you need to make the change to Biobor®.

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