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Biobor®EB is a multi-purpose gasoline additive designed specifically to combat the harmful effects of ethanol in gasoline by stabilizing the fuel in your tank. Ethanol is very corrosive to vital engine parts and if not properly blended, can damage these parts severely and even cause engine failure.

Biobor®EB stabilizes your fuel, helping to prevent ethanol fuel phase separation. What happens to cause phase separation? Ethanol loves water. When water is present (and it usually is in some amount) it will collect on the bottom of the tank. The ethanol in the fuel bonds with the water and pulls the water into the fuel until the ethanol/water molecules become too heavy and drops both the water and ethanol to the bottom of the tank. When this happens it results in a serious loss of octane, reduced engine performance and engine damage.

Biobor®EB keeps fuel fresh by preventing oxidative breakdown for up to 18 months. It removes power-robbing carbon deposits for a better performing, more efficient engine. If used regularly at every fill-up, it results in a cleaner, better performing engine.

The Ethanol Buster

Biobor®EB is completely safe to use in any gasoline powered engine, both two and four cycle engines as well as ethanol blends. Using Biobor®EB will not void your engine warranty.

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