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Biobor makes a truck run longer by reducing engine wear and protecting against sludge caused by contaminated fuel. When every penny counts, trust Biobor to keep your rig on the road, not in the shop.

Why Use Our Trucking Additives?

Never has the assault on the trucking industry’s bottom line been so intense as today with rising fuel expense, changing fuel formulations, government mandated vehicle complexity and skyrocketing vehicle costs. Virtually every aspect of a truck from tires to wind dams are used to save every possible penny per mile. Since the single largest expense is fuel, it only makes sense that fuel efficiency be given a top priority when searching for ways to reduce expenses. Fuel has four primary cost components; the amount of usable power developed, the amount of fuel consumed, the effect fuel has on engine maintenance, and finally, the effect it plays on engine life. Ignore any one or more of these components, and you will likely be leaving money on the table when tallying up your total operating expense.

Biobor specifically addresses all four fuel related expenses with proven compounds that work. One of the oldest, most widely tested and factory recommended products in the world, Biobor products are a must for anyone interested in increasing their bottom line and protecting their capital investment.