Biobor DC + Cetane Winter

Diesel Conditioner & Performance with Winter Protection

  • Cleans up injectors and prevents deposits
  • Extends fuel filter life
  • Prevents fuel gelling and icing
  • Improves efficiency and restores power
  • Lubricates injectors and fuel pumps
  • Boosts cetane for quick cold starting

Product Description

Biobor DC® + Cetane Winter is a multi-functional cold-weather diesel fuel conditioner to enhance the stability and performance of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. Components of Biobor DC® +Cetane will provide exceptional fuel stability, added lubricity, detergency and anti-gelling. With continued use, BioborDC® +Cetane enhances the performance and life of diesel fuels while protecting and cleaning vital engine components, maintaining fuel economy and reducing emissions. Biobor DC is a cost effective diesel treatment for large users providing complete protection at a treat rate of 1:1,500.

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Why Use Biobor DC + Cetane Winter?

Biobor DC +Cetane Winter Blend provides complete diesel protection and increased performance at a concentrated, cost effective treat rate for diesel operators. The winter blend formula also provides superior cold weather protection, preventing fuel gelling and ice formation while cleaning the fuel system, lubricating injectors, preventing particulates and maximizing engine performance. – Boosts Cetane – improves cold starting, more efficient combustion and reduces emissions. – Stabilizes – Improves the Thermal Stability of Diesel Fuel – Contains an ashless thermal stability additive that prevents the degradation of mid-distillate fuels. This prevents problems associated with gum, residue and sludge formation while decreasing filter and injector plugging and extending the storage life of your fuel. – HPCR Detergent – Cleans up dirty injectors and prevents deposits – This multi-functional package cleans up injectors and prevents injector sticking and plugging in mechanical and newer HPCR injection systems. Fuel economy is increased, emissions/smoke is reduced, power loss is minimized and excessive equipment downtime avoided. – Restores power by an average 7.3% – Meets Cummins L-10 performance requirements – Achieves Peugeot DW-10 Injector Coking Test – Keep Clean Rating – Adds Lubricity – protects injectors and fuel pumps – ULSD often lacks the necessary lubrication to properly protect injector nozzles and fuel injection pumps. Even fuel leaving the refinery at ASTM lubricity specs may still be below OEM recommendations. Biobor DC +Cetane adds lubricity to meet or exceed OEM specifications for lubrication and will extend the life of injectors and pumps. -13.8% reduction of war scar (ASTM D6079 – HFRR) – Winter Protection – Prevents fuel gelling and icing – Concentrated cold flow improvers prevent wax formation and settling, greatly improving the winter operability of your fuel. Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) is reduced by up to 30⁰F at regular treat rates and Pour Point greatly reduced. Icing is also prevented in the fuel system preventing further blockages.