Hum Bug Kit

Early Warning! Detects Microbial Growth in Fuel

• Ensures Fuel Quality
• Eliminates Costly Repairs/Downtime
• Low Cost / Easy to Use
• Detects Microbial Infestations
• Prevents Fuel Supply Waste
• Early Warning Detection

Product Description

The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit is a low-cost, easy-to-use early warning system that will effectively identify hydrocarbon utilizing micro-organism contamination in all hydrocarbon fuels and oils. These organisms cause fungal growth in fuels and the serious hazards associated with that growth. The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit will detect microbial contamination in its earliest stages if used with a concerted fuel quality control program.

Why Use Hum Bug Kit?

Microbial contamination in hydrocarbon fuel can be a serious problem for storage tanks and equipment. It can cause serious fuel storage tank corrosion and corrosion in pumps and injectors. It will clog filters, fuel lines and gauges and will cause seals, hoses and connections to swell and blister. Early detection of contamination protects the fuel supply quality and prevents fuel supply waste...