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The same science that protects aircraft at 30,000 feet also protects your diesel engine. By 1955, air travel in the United States surpassed rail travel and by 1957 aircraft provided the main form of transportation across the ocean. The aviation industry was experiencing rapid expansion and with it a host of fuel contamination issues. Biobor JF became the first solution to the problem of microbial contamination. SInce that time, it has been the most trusted, widely used fuel biocide.

Today the same fuel biocide that protects aircraft also protects trucks, automobiles, boats, generators and a whole host of other fuel consuming products. The original solution to serious microbial problems in aviation is the best solution for your engine. Biocides have come and gone. Most recently, the only other approved biocide for aviation was banned due to several airworthiness incidents and permanently taken off the market by its manufacturer leaving Biobor JF the sole protector. This proves once again that Biobor JF outlasts its competition.

From the beginning Biobor JF has proven itself to be the superior fuel biocide. That’s also why you will find Biobor JF mentioned by name in numerous equipment manuals.

Biobor JF is OEM Approved!

Why is Biobor JF Superior?

  1. Biobor JF is effective. It works to kill microbial contamination both for short and long term storage, protecting the fuel and fuel system from attack. It preserves both the fuel and fuel system by killing microbes known to degrade fuel and cause serious corrosion on systems.
  2. Biobor JF is compatible with both equipment and fuel. Being the oldest fuel biocide in the world has its advantages. One is that it has been tested for over 56 years on equipment and fuel, both old and new.
  3. Biobor JF is easier to handle than other biocides. Because of its low toxicity, handling the product does not require any special equipment. Read the SDS of any other biocide and you will find a list of warnings related to handleability. Some require special suits or respirators. Not Biobor JF!
  4. Biobor JF is non-corrosive. In fact, it is a lubricity additive as well as a biocide. There is no other fuel biocide in the world that can make this claim. We can prove it! Biobor JF reduces wear scar by almost 20%. Diesel is dry. Biobor JF helps to reduce maintenance costs by adding lubricity to dry fuel.
  5. Biobor JF is soluble in both fuel and water phases. It is miscible in fuel. That is 100% soluble! It is also soluble in water. For a fuel biocide to be effective, it has to be fuel soluble to reach all parts of the fuel system. If any water is present, it must also be able to flow through the fuel into water to provide effective protection of both the fuel and system. Most biocides were designed for water applications and lack the necessary fuel solubility. They are inferior!

Why trust any other biocide? Trust the one used to protect you at 30,000 feet, Biobor JF.

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