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Generator Diesel Fuel Best Practices

Backup power generators serve a vital purpose, providing invaluable standby power for residences and business alike. While dependable when maintained properly, there is often a general misunderstanding of how to maintain the fuel supply. Much of the problem stems from not knowing some basic diesel… Read More »Generator Diesel Fuel Best Practices

Thank You

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to those who make our business possible. And during this wonderful time of year, we want you to know that you play the most important role in our company. Thank you for another year… Read More »Thank You

Geneva Bound

Join Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. at the IATA Fuel Forum Technical Session November 10th on Microbiological Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Systems. Panelists from Lufthansa, Airbus, Boeing, Echa Microbiology and Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc will be outlining the progress to the IATA Guidance Material on microbiological contamination in aircraft fuel tanks… Read More »Geneva Bound


Only a few days left until the largest petroleum equipment and convenience store show in the world takes place. If you want to know more about how Biobor Fuel Additives can help you save money, let’s plan to meet. Send me an email so I… Read More »SEE YOU IN CHICAGO