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The Biobor Advantage

There are very few fuel biocide manufacturers in the world today. Biobor JF, manufactured by Hammonds Fuel Additives, is the oldest and most well-known in the world. What makes Hammonds 56 year manufacturing history so extraordinary?

The last year brought Hammonds considerable pressure to perform as the world’s most respected fuel biocide. Because we consider the security of supply to be one of the most important aspects of our company, we control Biobor JF’s manufacturing, quality and management first hand. Unlike other biocide manufacturers, we do not depend on third party blenders, packagers or sub-manufacturers to supply our product. Generic producers are often at the mercy of other suppliers. We are not. Having complete control over our proprietary product’s production from start to finish is a unique and key differentiator, separating Hammonds from the rest. This gives us the unique advantage to planning and managing our manufacturing process as well as guarantee the security of our product supply to our customers.

Key elements of the Biobor Advantage are:

  1. History of performance. In 56 years, there has never been a supply disruption including the 30 years under Hammond’s ownership. Because of our forward thinking leadership, planning and operational strategy, Hammonds stayed ahead of the global demand for Biobor JF over the last 13 months. We did not have any operational capacity issues even while experiencing exponential demand and extreme weather events all while operating during a global pandemic. We maintained supply and on time delivery.
  2. Starting materials. All of our raw materials are sourced with multiple suppliers and redundant supply chains in place.
  3. Manufacturing capability. We have contingency plans and redundancies in place, with multiple sites to mitigate the potential for shutdown or disruption.
  4. Bulk storage and fulfillment. We store more than three months’ supply in multiple locations to offset any possibility of shortage. We package our own product and maintain a one year supply of packaging materials. Packaging and fulfillment are all performed in house by Hammonds. This equates to complete control over quality. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company that controls its production volumes, timing and ramp ups in real time based on demand and fulfillment.
  5. Global stocking distributor channel. We have a robust group of stocking distributors around the world that warehouse supplies of Biobor JF.
  6. Flexible production capacity. We maintain the ability to control production capacity. We are not dependent on third party suppliers because we are the manufacturer and packager. Through the challenges of the last 13 months, we ramped up production to meet demand.

It really is about the Biobor advantage. We are committed to our customers; it’s in our DNA. Secure supply and quality control are who we are.

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