Biobor DC + Cetane

Diesel Conditioner & Performance Additive

• Cleans up injectors and prevents deposits
• Extends fuel filter life
• Controls water and prevents corrosion
• Improves efficiency and restores power
• Lubricates injectors and fuel pumps
• Prevents fuel degradation and gumming

Product Description

Biobor DC® +Cetane is a multi-functional warm-weather diesel fuel conditioner to enhance the stability and performance of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. Components of Biobor DC® +Cetane will provide exceptional fuel stability, added lubricity, detergency and water/corrosion control. With continued use, BioborDC® +Cetane enhances the performance and life of diesel fuels while protecting and cleaning vital engine components, maintaining fuel economy and reducing emissions. Biobor DC +Cetane is a cost effective diesel treatment for large users providing complete protection at a concentrated treat rate.


1 Gallon Treats 2,000 Gallons

Size Treats
1 Gallon Jug 2,000 Gallons
2.5 Gallon Jug 5,000 Gallons
5 Gallon Jug 10,000 Gallons
55 Gallon Drum 110,000 Gallons
330 Gallon Tote 660,000 Gallons


Why Use Biobor DC + Cetane?

Extreme pressures and temperatures found in newer common rail injection systems are presenting an increase in internal injector deposits and fuel filter plugging. Additionally, the rapidly increasing use of ULSD and bio-blends lead to lubricity, thermal breakdown and water issues in diesel fuel that can plague vehicle operation. Biobor DC +Cetane provides a comprehensive solution... -Boosts Cetane - raises cetane levels in diesel fuel allowing for quicker cold starts, more efficient combustion and a reduction in emissions - Stabilizes - Improves the Thermal Stability of Diesel Fuel - Contains an ashless thermal stability additive that prevents the degradation of mid-distillate fuels...