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How to Extend the Shelf-Life of Diesel Fuel

The Challenge of Long-Term Storage

Diesel fuel has an average shelf-life of about six months. This poses a problem for anyone trying to store it any longer. Studies over the last decade show it is more likely to be delivered in a contaminated, already degrading state. That being the case, how do you extend the shelf-life of diesel fuel? In our prior posts on biodiesel, we examine several threats to diesel fuel including oxidation, heat, hydrolysis and microbial contamination. So what is the secret to extending the shelf-life of diesel fuel?

4 Tips to Extending the Life of Your Diesel Fuel

  1. Keep the fuel dry. Water exposure is a major cause of fuel degradation.
  2. Keep the fuel cool. Ideally, diesel fuel should be stored around 70°F. Not too cold or it will gel and not too hot or it will degrade quickly.
  3. Use a fuel biocide. Biobor JF will preserve the fuel, killing any microbial contaminants.
  4. Use a multi-functional fuel additive to increase fuel shelf-life. An additive, like Biobor DC, should include a stabilizer, cetane improver, lubricity improver, detergents and water dispersants will help to increase the shelf-life for long-term storage.

Over the next 6 posts, we will take a more detailed look at diesel fuel additive components and how they improve engine performance as well as extend the life of your fuel. So be on the lookout. If you need help now, CONTACT US.

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