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The heart of every diesel powered engine is the fuel injection system. The importance of keeping this system clean and operating efficiently cannot be understated. This is especially true with emergency power systems or any system that depends on diesel fuel being stored for lengthy periods of time. The older the fuel gets, the more likelihood for injector problems.

As fuel ages, it begins to form gums and varnish. Sludge will accumulate on the bottom of the tank and the fuel turns a dark color. This process does not take long and if the fuel is exposed to water and/or heat then the process will be accelerated. Note the picture of the fuel sample. This diesel fuel was only 45 days old in a brand new fuel system. The reason this went bad so fast was due to water contamination. A little water left in the system during installation caused all of this. It does not take long for water to accumulate and create the same kind of problems in any system. Water, oxygen and high temperatures age fuel. As it ages, it gets dirty. That dirt will affect the way your engine runs. We already addressed ways to reduce fuel aging, but how do we keep it clean.

What can be done to keep the fuel and fuel system clean?

One of the most effective ways to keep your fuel and system clean is to use an detergent additive. A good multi-functional diesel additive like Biobor DC+Cetane contains the detergents that will get the job done. Biobor DC’s detergent technology is designed to give you the best clean up. It will improve you fuel economy and power while reducing emissions. Another benefit, it provides enhanced corrosion protection.

Is a detergent additive really that important?

Just take a look at the comparison photos of diesel fuel injectors. When they become clogged from deposit buildup (what happens when fuel ages) it negatively affects the engines performance and if bad enough, will damage the engine. The injectors become clogged from the dirty fuel and no longer provide the fuel that the engine needs to run properly. Dirty fuel can starve an emergency backup generator engine. Under a load it may not operate at all.

Injector damage caused by dirty fuel requires excessive maintenance and unacceptable downtime. As fuels change and engine technology gets more complex, the challenges require a quality multifunctional additive that contains a premium detergent package. It’s about keeping fuel cleaner, longer, even under the stresses of long-term fuel storage.

Biobor DC+Cetane Contains the Necessary Detergents for Long-Term Storage and Engine Efficiency
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