Biobor EB

Gasoline Ethanol Treatment and Performance Enhancer

• Prevents fuel phase separation
• Cleans the entire fuel system
• Full corrosion protection
• Adds lubricity, protects elastomers
• Stabilizes stored gas up to 18 months
• Excellent for any 2 or 4 cycle engine

Product Description

Biobor EB is a complete fuel treatment for use in all gasoline and ethanol-blended fuels. With the introduction of ethanol in today's gasoline at volumes up to 15%, Biobor EB will combat the corrosion and phase separation issues that arise while also stabilizing fuel for storage and removing performance robbing deposits and varnish. Great for use in any 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engine, Biobor EB protects vital engine components while promoting a more efficient, better running engine.

Why Use Biobor EB?

Biobor EB is a comprehensive gasoline fuel treatment for all gasoline and ethanol blends used in any two or four cycle engine. Using technology proven and trusted in our aviation additives, Biobor EB takes the same approach to helping prevent phase separation and controlling moisture. Biobor EB also contains stabilizers to keep fuel fresh, detergents to remove performance robbing deposits and protection from corrosion. -Helps Prevent Phase Separation- Ethanol is hydroscopic and has a tendency to bond with water found in the fuel system and fall to the bottom of your tank...