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For years Americans have been safe in assuming the fuel they pay for at the pump is ideal for their vehicles; so much for the good old days. Today’s gasoline is a blend of ethanol that has been added to the fuel to raise octane and theoretically reduce the demand on refined hydrocarbons since ethanol is a renewable resource. Unfortunately, ethanol is hygroscopic and accumulates suspended water in your fuel tank, is highly corrosive and when separates into the water phase of fuel becomes a lethal slug that can literally destroy your engine. Biobor EB is designed specifically to combat the problems associated by ethanol blended gasoline. Trust Biobor EB to save you from costly repairs and breakdowns associated by today’s not so friendly, eco-friendly fuels.

Why Use Our Gasoline Products?

Simply put, gasoline you purchase at the pump today is bad for your engine powered equipment. Ethanol blends are responsible for deteriorated hoses, and seals, holes burned in pistons and engines flying to pieces due to slugs of pure water and ethanol being drawn into an engine. Current blend rates of 10% are scheduled to be increased to 15% in the near future. Manufactures are threatening to void warranties and more and more older equipment will be rendered useless with no other fuel available. Biobor EB will level the playing field and help save your equipment from disaster. Trust Biobor EB for everything that runs on gasoline.