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Construction equipment is perhaps one of the most abused and neglected classes of engine driven equipment. Remote operation out of portable fuel tanks that are bombarded by dirt, rain and questionable fuel suppliers is a combination that threatens any engine. Biobor will protect against microbes that produce sludge that clog filters and corrode every part of a fuel delivery system. The more your fuel system is abused, the more you need Biobor.

Why Use Our Construction Products?

Construction is about schedules and deadlines. Anything that threatens the dependability of engine driven equipment can be disastrous to a construction job. Remote site operation usually means poor maintenance and questionable fuel quality. Skidded bulk tanks can set idle for months growing microbial growth that can stop a tractor in its tracts. In addition, Biobor has been proven to be a superior lubricity agent, bringing fuel lubricity back up to prior ultra low sulfur levels.

Biobor Fuel Additives help keep your Construction Equipment running smoothly.