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Biobor MD is a cutting edge marine and over-the-road fuel additive engineered to enhance fuel performance, increase lubricity and lower exhaust emissions. It raises cetane for easier cold starting while adding lubricity and providing more efficient engine combustion. It cleans and disperses sludge resulting in more power and torque with less fuel-related downtime or maintenance.


  1. Reduces Soot while Enhancing Cetane – Because Biobor MD raises cetane up to 6 points, it enables faster fuel ignition and improved combustion resulting in better fuel economy. Using it results in less carbon build up and a reduction of soot by up to 94%.
  2. Lubricates Injectors and Fueling Components – The lubrication Biobor MD adds to today’s dry low sulfur fuels relates to engine wear scar reduction by more than 12%. That means lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.
  3. Reduces Cold Weather Issues – Biobor MD protects your fuel against cold weather gelling and icing. It melts ice and prevents fuel from freezing. It reduces pour point by up to 45° and cold filter plug point by 22°.
  4. Cleans Fuel Systems and Disperses Sludge – Because Biobor MD contains sludge dispersants, it dissolves fuel sediment sludge, keeping your fuel system clean and helping your engine to run optimally. It keeps injectors clean for a more efficient running engine.
  5. Stabilizes Fuel for Storage – According to fuel manufacturers, diesel fuel has about a 6 month shelf-life. Biobor MD increases the shelf-life of your fuel for up to 2 years. It prevents gum and sludge production associated with fuel aging and keeps your fuel fresh in storage from season to season.
  6. Inhibits Corrosion and Controls Water – Biobor MD contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your engine and equipment from rust and corrosion. It also controls water build-up in tanks, helping to prevent water-related issues

Over the Road-and-On the Water BIOBOR MD

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