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This sample was removed from a school bus garage fuel system. They called in a panic saying they had big increases in bus maintenance.  The lead mechanic indicated that they could not keep injectors for their bus engines on the shelf.  Buses that were almost new were breaking down.  What was the cause – BAD FUEL!   Upon arrival, all of the fuel depot tanks were sampled for contamination issues. Not one passed.  They were all just as bad as the next.

Unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon.  Unaware that fuel has a short life span and is associated with an assortment of problems if left unmanaged, many tank owners and operators experience similar problems.  FACT – fuel must be managed!  Water, contaminants, and microbial growth are all a serious problem.  If a fuel quality program is not in place, then bad fuel will almost certainly cause catastrophic increases in equipment engine maintenance. The answer is not as difficult as one might think. Simply put….

First, take a good bottom sample of the fuel.  If the visual sample is failing, then something must be done to remediate the situation. Minimally contaminated fuel might be resolved with chemical additives. However, moderate to severe contamination requires an all of the above approach, including fuel/tank cleaning and fuel additives. Fuel additives are the most economical way to maintain fuel and lower costs. Once the fuel and system have been cleaned, the regular use of a biocide will keep microbial growth from damaging the system and equipment. The addition of fuel enhancement additives also makes sense. The right additive package, properly used will save you money by increasing fuel economy and lowering maintenance costs.

The Biobor® family of additives includes diesel fuel and gasoline products designed to remediate, stabilize, clean and enhance fuel. If you manage fuel and fuel systems, and are not using Biobor® additives as a way to reduce costs, downtime, liabilities and risk, contact us and learn how we can help. If you are using someone else’s products find out why you need to make the change to Biobor®. Join the Biobor®Revolution and be a part of the Biobor®Advantage.

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