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Rising Prices Continue!

Global supply chains continue to be stressed. The petrochemicals market was hit particularly hard. Already tight from the pandemic and labor shortages, last year’s winter storm exacerbated supply problems. Product delays, short supply and increased costs are all expected to continue this year and beyond. As we approach the 2021/2022 winter, feed stocks used to make winter additives, deicers and diesel cold flow improvers are all in short supply.

If you depend on winter additives, now is the time to purchase.

With prices on the rise, the industry is already seeing historical increases. Price isn’t the only factor to consider. These products are also in short supply. Allocations are already being put into place that limit purchasing volumes. Those in transportation will be some of the first to feel the crunch. Additive winter blends and icing inhibitors are all affected by the supply disruptions. To alleviate issues order early and consider ordering enough to last the winter as supplies will become even tighter as the season rolls along.


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