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Biobor JF Aviation

The ONLY Aviation Fuel Biocide

Biobor JF is the original, industry standard microbicide used to kill and prevent microbial contamination in aviation turbine fuels. It provides highly effective, proven dual-phase chemistry to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that contaminate fuel systems, clog filters, corrode metal surfaces and cause service interruptions. As an added benefit, Biobor JF is proven to increase the lubricity properties of jet fuel, providing additional protection and reduced wear to fuel delivery components. It is fully compatible with a wide variety of fuels, fuel system components and common materials. It does not affect fuel performance and is more stable, less corrosive and safer to handle than many other biocide chemistries. Since 1965, Biobor JF has proven highly effective and compatible by many of the world’s largest refineries, militaries, airlines, and aircraft operators. It also happens to be the only approved biocide available for aviation use globally

Available in: 8 oz. (12 per case), 16 oz. (12 per case), 32 oz. (6 per case), 1 Gallon (4 per case), 4.6 Gallon, 51.4 Gallon Drum, 330 Gallon Tote


For contaminated aircraft or storage systems with microbial growth present, Biobor JF should be used as a “curative treatment” to kill and control microorganisms in the fuel tank. Biobor JF may also be used routinely in sterile systems as a preventative to ensure fuel quality and prevent contamination. Proactive use of a biocide prevents biomass accumulation in fuel tanks, extends fuel filter life and inhibits microbial influenced corrosion (MIC). Drain water bottoms prior to application and keep tanks dry with proper housekeeping. Monitor fuel filters after biocide application, drain tanks & replace filters at recommended intervals.

Biocide may be applied by metered injection (recommended), by splash blending during fueling or with circulation to ensure uniform blending. Aircraft maintenance manuals should be referenced for recommended dosing practices.

Preventative Treatment = 135ppmw        Curative Treatment = 270ppmw
   Equivalent to 100 ppmv                             Equivalent to 200 ppmv
1 gallon : 10,000 gallons of fuel                         1 gallon : 5,000 gallons of fuel
1 ounce : 80 gallons of fuel                               1 ounce : 40 gallons of fuel


270ppmw - Curative Treatment & Long Term Storage
135ppmw - Preventative Treatment - Continuous Use

For the most accurate determination of the amount of Biobor JF required to treat aviation fuel, ppm by weight may be used with the following treat rate calculations:

  • 270ppmw: Ounces of Biobor®JF required = (total weight of fuel in lbs. x 0.004)
  • 135ppmw: Ounces of Biobor®JF required = (total weight of fuel in lbs. x 0.002)


200ppmv - Curative Treatment & Long Term Storage
   100ppmv - Preventative Treatment - Continuous Usage

To determine the required dosage of Biobor JF in jet fuel using ppm by volume, the ppmv dosage rates above may be used in lieu of ppm by weight.
*This conversion uses the standard jet fuel density of 6.47lb/gal (0.775 kg/l) at 59°F (15°C), the minimum density of jet fuel per ASTM D1655, and may be used as a reference when injecting or applying Biobor®JF by volume.


To determine milliliters of Biobor JF required to give a concentration of 270ppmw, multiply kilograms of fuel by 0.26 and for 135ppmw by 0.13.

Preventative Treatment = 135ppmW          Curative Treatment = 270ppmw
    Equivalent to 100 ppmv                              Equivalent to 200 ppmv
     1 liter : 10,000 liters of fuel                           1 liter : 5,000 liters of fuel
     1ml : 10 liters of fuel                                       1 ml : 5 liters of fuel

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