Biobor JF Aviation

Aviation Turbine and Jet Fuels Microbiocide

• Kills & prevents microbial growth in aviation fuels
• Dual phase - partitions into water and fuel for highly effective kill
• Prevents microbial corrosion issues and filter plugging
• APPROVED for Aviation use (turbine & airframe OEMS, FAA and IATA)
• Widely used by airlines, military and private aircraft since 1965

Product Description

Biobor® JF was specially formulated and introduced in 1965 to combat and eliminate Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-Organisms (Hum Bugs) throughout all jet fuel and avgas powered aircraft. Jet, turboprop and reciprocating engine as well as aircraft manufacturers worldwide have come to recommend this outstanding additive in their operating and maintenance manuals. Biobor® JF is used by airlines, general aviation operators and militaries around the globe and is accepted for use by the FAA and IATA. Biobor JF is effective in both the fuel and water phase of all fuels, is non-corrosive and safe for both operating personnel and the environment. Biobor JF is the original, most recognized and accredited aviation fuel biocide in the world.

Why Use Biobor JF Aviation?

Biobor JF has been the worldwide standard for the treatment of microbial growth in aviation jet fuel since 1965. Originally developed for use in the commercial and military aviation industries, Biobor JF has continued to provide a tract record of proven reliability and effectiveness in numerous industries for over 50 years. To add to this impressive pedigree, Biobor JF is the only aviation fuel biocide that is recommended by name by numerous major turbine engine and airframe manufacturers across the globe.Microbial Growth:When discussing issues in aviation fuel, microbial growth is widely known as the most common reason for fuel related engine failure. Inherently, aviation fuel and fuel tanks have the tendency to accumulate water whether by tank condensation, entrained water from fuel delivery or just receiving a bad batch of fuel...