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Fuel system contamination is serious and the problems associated with microbial infestation can be difficult to resolve. Understanding the issues, knowing how to find the problems, then developing a cost effective plan is daunting for many. Hammonds Fuel Additives education and consulting services might be the answer for you. Looking for help, look no further.

The Biobor Team Can

  • Help you detect microbiological contamination
  • Help you determine the best course of action when contamination is found
  • Provide education to you and your staff in classroom, in field or through online training
  • Help you develop a plan of action and walk you through the steps using Biobor’s Test, Treat, Protect… methodology
The Biobor Education Methodology

Hammond’s experienced industry experts can provide education and consultation to your company and customers. We specialize in microbial contamination issues, additive applications and fuel storage issues. Let the Biobor team help you develop the best plan for controlling and preventing microbial contamination in your fuel system.

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