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Bunker fuels are typically used in large engines, meaning large storage tanks. And as with any hydrocarbon fuel, bunker fuels have the tendency to develop sludge and slime from the presence of microbial growth. There is a simple and cost effective answer for these issues, Biobor JF. Biobor JF is the most recommended and widely used biocide for the prevention of microbes in all hydrocarbon fuels and will eliminate excessive growth accumulation and the corrosion issues that follow. For the quality and protection of one of your largest expenses, trust Biobor JF in “All the fuel, All the time”.

Why Use Our Bunker Fuel Products?

Biobor JF has been the worldwide standard for the elimination and prevention of microbial growth since 1965. Unlike any biocide on the market, Biobor JF is recommended specifically by numerous engine manufactures themselves and is also trusted to prevent microbes in commercial and military jet fuel. The effectiveness of our products have been proven in some of the most fuel-stringent industries worldwide for over 48 years, and at a treat rate of 1 gallon to every 10,000 gallons of fuel, is also one of the most cost-efficient products available.

Your fuel is a large investment. Protect it with the worldwide standard…..Biobor JF.