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Standby Generator

Standby power generation is considered severe duty for fuel since it is stored for sometimes several years and is rarely turned over through use or circulation. Water created by condensation and microbial contamination can overwhelm a fuel system in a matter of days clogging fuel filters and corroding every part in a fuel system. Biobor protects every part of a standby fuel system insuring that fuel is available when the emergency arises.

Why Use Our Standby Generator Products?

Generators are programmed to “exercise” periodically. During one of these cycles, the system comes on-line and runs for approximately 20-30 minutes. In most cases, just enough time to heat up the fuel but not really put the system under a load. The induced heat supports condensation and runaway microbial growth that continues to overtake the fuel tank in between exercise periods. When an emergency finally comes, and the system must operate for more than a short period under load, fuel filters are quickly clogged with microbial mass and the emergency generator now becomes the emergency. A failure caused by microbial fuel starvation is a laborious and time consuming challenge to clean from a fuel system. When you need the system the most, it is off-line and out of commission. Biobor JF can help stabilize fuel and prevent microbial growth indefinitely while reducing friction and wear caused by low sulfur levels in modern diesel fuel.

Biobor is the perfect fuel additive for use in a wide variety of power generators. When you have an emergency or are in an area without electricity, you want your power generators to work every time you crank the engine. Use Biobor in all of your power generators to help protect the engine and keep your fuel stable.