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The heating oil that keeps our homes and businesses warm during the winter months have the same potential to grow microbes as diesel and jet fuel. This bacteria and fungi growth forms thick mats of slime that can quickly corrode a heating system, plug the filters and strainers, and leave the furnace starved of fuel. When it comes to the comfort and well-being of your family, trust the most widely used and recommended biocide available; Biobor JF. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Why Use Our Home Heating Products?

As with all fuel oils, any time water is present in your home heating oil, microbes are sure to follow. Tank condensation due to fluctuating temperatures and water infiltration upon fuel delivery are common occurrences and provide a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. As a result of this sludge accumulation, tanks begin to rust, filters and strainers clog regularly and injector nozzles may become plugged or even foul. With the addition of Biobor JF to your heating oil, microbes are effectively eliminated and prevented resulting in a trouble free heating system.

Biobor JF…

  • kills / prevents algae and bacteria that form slime mats
  • prevents clogged strainers and filters
  • helps eliminate fuel tank corrosion
  • inhibits injector plugging
  • reduces service calls and furnace shut down
  • COST EFFECTIVE! – 1 oz. treats up to 80 gallons