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The Right Winter Treatment

In 1968 the Liquid Tire Chain Traction Dispenser system was added as an option on all Chevrolet models. The system was touted as the solution to winter traction problems. Just add the special additive into its dispenser and instantly you have traction in the worst of winter conditions. By 1970, the option mysteriously disappeared without so much as a mention. Like Liquid Tire Chain, additives come and go. Many offer miraculous results but soon fade away because they don’t measure up to the hype of the claim.

Liquid Tire Chain Traction, advertised to be the answer for wintery roads, never lived up to its claim just like a lot of fuel additives today.

Don’t be fooled by the unsubstantiated and often far fetched claims of so many fuel additives today. There are many on the market that claim to fix everything with no third party testing to back those claims. Biobor Fuel Additives have been around for over 56 years providing real solutions to your fueling needs. Winter is here and while we do not have the answer to your traction issues, we do have the answer to your diesel fuel winterizing needs.

Clogged diesel fuel filter due to cold temperatures

As temperatures fall, the quality of your diesel begins to deteriorate. Without a good winter additive your fuel will soon be out of spec and potentially unusable. Because diesel contains paraffin wax, it will gel in low winter temperatures. Take a look at what happens to your fuel filter without an anti-gel additive.

That’s not the only problem caused by low winter temperatures. Engines frequently experience poor starting, loss of power and decreased fuel economy. What your diesel fuel needs is a multi-functional additive. Biobor DC +Cetane Winter Blend is the perfect solution.

The specially formulated winter additive prevents fuel gelling and icing. It also enhances the stability and performance of diesel fuel. There is no better additive for stabilizing diesel fuel and protecting your engine in the winter than Biobor DC. Check out all of the attributes below and click HERE for more information. Ready to purchase, click BUY HERE or call us at 1-800-548-9166.

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