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High volume storage of fuel represents large investments in inventory and storage facilities. Degradation of both product and storage tanks can be prevented through continuous use of Biobor JF. by preventing microbial growth. Biobor products should be a part of your program to insure the quality and performance of all fuels in bulk storage.

Why Use Our Fuel Storage Products?

There is an old axiom that says, “nothing ever stays the same”. No statement could be more true as it applies to fuel; specifically, fuel that is being stored. From the moment it is received, fuel in a tank begins to change. It absorbs moisture and chemical from within the tank and atmosphere, gravity begins to separate its various components, chemical reaction breaks down and starts to form gum, varnish and other deposits, and last but not least, tiny little critters that actually consume the fuel take up residence and begin to grow at astronomical rates.

So, fuel loses some components, takes on others and in all cases, loses many of the attributes that make it usable. Obviously, fuel is placed in storage intended for use at some later date. Should the storage process render it less than ideal or in some cases, useless, considerable costs and inconvenience are incurred.

Biobor products insure that whatever the fuel, storing it does not change it or ruin in for its intended purpose. Biobor the biocide and Biobor EB the gasoline and ethanol stabilizer not only protects the fuel, but the equipment it fuels.