Biobor MD

Diesel Performance and Efficiency Enhancer

  • Reduces soot up to 94%
  • Increases cetane by up to 6 pts
  • Stabilizes diesel up to 2 yrs.
  • Prevents corrosion in fuel system
  • Anti-Gel and lower CFPP
  • Inhibits Corrosion & adds lubricity

Product Description

Biobor MD is an all-inclusive diesel treatment to boost engine performance and efficiency and protect your diesel engine year-round. Fuel combustion qualities are increased, injectors are cleaned and lubricated, fuel is stabilized and corrosion is inhibited; all resulting in a cleaner, more efficient engine. Unique to Biobor MD, all the critical characteristics to improve performance and protect your diesel engine are included in one treatment, PLUS Biobor MD contains cold weather protection for year-round use with a single product!

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Why Use Biobor MD?

Biobor MD is an all-season, comprehensive diesel treatment to improve the performance and efficiency of any diesel engine. Today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels introduce a number of obstacles for engines to overcome. From fuel gelling in cold operating temperatures, lack of fuel lubricity, excessive injector deposits and sludge formation, Biobor MD has a has an answer to all. Boosts Cetane – Cetane number in diesel fuel is the measurement of time between fuel injection and ignition and effectively provides the combustion characteristics of the fuel. Biobor MD raises cetane levels up to 6 numbers, resulting more efficient combustion, quicker cold starting, shortened warm-up periods and reduced white smoke. Adds Lubricity – The process used to remove sulfur in the refining of ULSD has significantly reduced the natural lubrication properties of diesel fuel. This fuel lubrication is essential to the protection and life span of injection systems and fuel pump. This lubricity is even more crucial in HPCR (high-pressure common rail) injection systems. Biobor MD is industry tested to improve diesel fuel lubricity by over 12.5%, providing ample protection to injection nozzles and exceeding the recommended levels set by engine manufacturers. Cleans Injectors – Injector nozzles can often gather deposits that result in an incomplete spray pattern or even complete plugging. Besides robbing your engine of efficiency and performance, these deposits can shorten the life span of pricey injectors. Biobor MD will clean dirty injectors and keep them clean and spraying fully with continued use. Additionally, the entire fuel system is cleaned of carbon deposits and varnishing. Reduces Soot – By improving the combustion qualities of diesel fuels and keeping the fuel system clean, Biobor MD will greatly reduce the black soot exhausted by diesel engines and prevent much of the staining that commonly forms on gel-coat surfaces. Not only is this better for the environment but it also reduces the time spent scrubbing this soot accumulation off of vehicle and vessel surfaces. Winter Protection – During cold weather operation, diesel fuels develops wax particles that inhibit, and even cease, the flow of fuel through the fuel system. This fuel gelling will clog filters, starving the engine of fuel and effectively shut down engine operation. Biobor MD reduces the Pour Point of diesel fuel by up to 45°F and Cold Filter Plug Point by up to 22°F, allowing uninterrupted fuel flow at extremely cold temperatures. Biobor MD also prevents and melts ice in the fuel system preventing frozen blockages and serving as a de-icer if freezing occurs. Controls Water – Biobor MD is formulated to help control water accumulation in the fuel system aiding in the prevention of bacteria and algae growth and allowing small traces of water to pass through the combustion process harmlessly. Inhibits Corrosion – Corrosion is an issue in all fuel systems and can compromise the integrity of vital engine components. Biobor MD contains corrosion inhibitors to protect these metal parts and prevent rust and corrosion issues throughout the entire system. Stabilizes Fuel – Biobor MD also contains stabilizers to keep fuel fresh and prevent the thermal breakdown of diesel fuel that leads to sludge formation and fuel filter plugging.