Biobor MD

Diesel Performance and Efficiency Enhancer

• Reduces soot up to 94%
• Increases cetane by up to 6 pts
• Stabilizes diesel up to 2 yrs.
• Prevents corrosion in fuel system
• Anti-Gel and lower CFPP
• Inhibits Corrosion & adds lubricity

Product Description

Biobor MD is an all-inclusive diesel treatment to boost engine performance and efficiency and protect your diesel engine year-round. Fuel combustion qualities are increased, injectors are cleaned and lubricated, fuel is stabilized and corrosion is inhibited; all resulting in a cleaner, more efficient engine. Unique to Biobor MD, all the critical characteristics to improve performance and protect your diesel engine are included in one treatment, PLUS Biobor MD contains cold weather protection for year-round use with a single product!

Why Use Biobor MD?

Biobor MD is an all-season, comprehensive diesel treatment to improve the performance and efficiency of any diesel engine. Today's ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels introduce a number of obstacles for engines to overcome. From fuel gelling in cold operating temperatures, lack of fuel lubricity, excessive injector deposits and sludge formation, Biobor MD has a has an answer to all. Boosts Cetane - Cetane number in diesel fuel is the measurement of time between fuel injection and ignition and effectively provides the combustion characteristics of the fuel...