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The OEM approved choice since 1965
Biobor®JF Aviation
The ONLY Available Fuel Biocide for Aviation
The OEM approved choice since 1965
Biobor®JF – The Leading Fuel Biocide
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The OEM approved choice since 1965
Diesel Fuel Quality & Performance
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The Biobor® Family of Fuel Additives

Experience Counts

Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer of fuel biocides and additives serving some of the largest fuel users and industries worldwide. Our flagship product, Biobor®JF, continues to be one of the most trusted and widely used fuel biocides for preventing microbial growth and preserving fuel quality. With over 56 years of proven reliability in aviation, refineries, terminals, fleets and diesel end users. Our extensive pedigree of OEM approvals and effective use continues. Hammonds also offers a comprehensive line of diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel products to address all of your fuel quality needs and ensure your equipment, vehicles, engines and facilities operate at peak efficiency, with the highest quality fuel.

Premium Products, Unmatched Pedigree

Since 1965, we are proud to have earned a laundry list of recommendations and approvals from some of the largest diesel engine, turbine engine, airframe and fuel users across the globe. Biobor®JF is mentioned specifically in numerous operation manuals for solving fuel contamination issues and is the ONLY available and approved biocide for use in aviation jet fuel! The complete line of Biobor® products continue in this pedigree and provide the same level of trust and proven performance as expected from its long track record with Biobor®JF.

So when you are choosing a fuel additive, don’t take our word for it… trust the products proven at 30,000 feet and recommended by OEMs worldwide.

What’s in YOUR TANK?

Research shows that over 75% of tanks sampled are contaminated and contain fuel that does not meet current engine specifications. Sampling and testing the fuel is the ONLY way to determine what is in your tank. Its as simple as Test, Treat and Protect.

Microbial growth and biomass are the leading causes of engine shutdown, engine failure, fuel filter plugging and fuel tank contamination in diesel and jet fuel. Today’s refined fuels create an environment even more conducive to microbiological growth, which will cause serious damage to engine and fuel systems.

Water is a contributing factor and it only takes a small amount to support microbial life. Fuel always has some level of water content. Biofuels are 85% more water soluble.

Sample and TEST fuel with Hum-Bug Detector Kit.

  1. Identify free water and remove immediately
  2. Visually inspect the fuel – if it looks bad, it is bad
  3. Test for microbial growth using Hum-Bug
  4. Look for corrosion – another sign of microbial contamination – if present, treat the fuel

Why TREAT the fuel?

The only way to kill microbiological growth or remediate degraded fuel is to treat the fuel with a quality additive. The most trusted and widely used biocide in the world for over 56 years is Biobor JF. Fuel and tank cleaning on its own will not kill microbes or remediate the fuel.

Whether you operate a recreational vehicle, a marine vessel, an aircraft or a million gallon storage facility, the proper and consistent use of a biocide is imperative to preventing microbial issues. Biobor JF provides a highly effective “shock dosage” (killing existing growth) to eradicate bacteria and fungi when issues arise or signs of contamination are evident. Regular use at the “maintenance dosage” of Biobor JF will prevent and maintain a sterile fuel system, protect the fuel system, extend the life of your equipment and reduce liability.

Clean, remediate and TREAT your fuel using Biobor Products

  1. Find microbes, corrosion or aged fuel – treat
  2. Treat with Biobor JF to kill microbial contamination and protect your fuel
  3. Remediate with Biobor fuel additives to improve fuel quality and operability

Want to PROTECT your investment?

Dirty fuel equals higher maintenance costs. If you do not have a fuel quality management program in place, then you are already seeing some of the major warning signs including:
    • Corroded and premature filter replacements
    • Fuel system failure
    • Microbial influenced corrosion
    • System leaks
    • Poor engine efficiency
    • Line and tank failure
    • Accelerated fuel aging
    • Engine and injector failure
    • Increased emissions

Monitor, maintain and PROTECT your Fuel with Biobor

  1. Perform monthly fuel sampling and biannual testing to identify changes in fuel quality
  2. Treat fuel with Biobor JF quarterly to reduce system corrosion and keep your fuel clean
  3. Use Biobor Fuel Additives for seasonal protection


Biocide and Lubricity Additive

Biobor®JF is the original, industry standard microbicide used to kill and prevent microbial contamination in fuels such as diesel, jet fuel and heating oil. Biobor JF provides highly effective, proven dual-phase chemistry to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that contaminate fuel systems, clog filters, corrode metal surfaces and cause service interruptions. As an added benefit, Biobor JF has been proven to increase the lubricity properties of ULSD.

Summer and Winter Blends Available

Corrosion Inhibitor & Lubricity Additive

Biobor DC+Cetane is a multifunctional diesel fuel conditioner that comes in both summer and winter blends. They are both designed to enhance the stability and operability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. They provide increased cetane, fuel stability, lubricity, detergency and water control. Whether you are looking for an additive to increase the shelf-life of your diesel fuel or looking for ways to reduce maintenance and operation costs, Biobor DC is the answer.

For Over-the-Road and Marine Diesel

Fuel Stabilizer and Detergent

Biobor MD is a cutting edge over-the-road and marine fuel additive engineered to enhance fuel performance, increase lubricity and lower exhaust emissions. Cetane levels are raised for easier cold starting, fuel lubricity and combustion is increased, while the entire fuel system is cleaned of sludge. These advantages result in more power and torque with less fuel-related downtime and maintenance costs.

Ethanol Buster and Gasoline Performance Enhancer

Gasoline Performance Enhancer

Biobor EB is a specifically formulated additive for gasoline and ethanol fuel blends which helps combat the negative effects of ethanol in fuel tanks and engines while increasing engine performance, efficiency and fuel stability. It contains 2.5 times the EPA-required detergent and provides an “A” rating in NACE corrosion testing. To sum it up, Biobor EB gives your engine better performance and more power with increased fuel economy, while eliminating the problem of fuel phase separation.

All the Fuel, All the Time®

Biobor is the premiere fuel additive for jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline.