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The Biobor Family of Fuel Additives

Experience Counts

Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer of fuel biocides and additives serving some of the largest fuel users and industries, worldwide. Our flagship product, Biobor JF, continues to be one of the most trusted and widely used fuel biocides for preventing microbial growth and preserving fuel quality. With over 50 years of proven reliability in aviation, refineries, terminals, fleets and diesel end users alike, our extensive pedigree of OEM approvals and effective use continues to expand. Hammonds also offers a comprehensive line of diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel additives to address all of your fuel quality needs and ensure your equipment, vehicles, engines and facilities all operate at peak efficiency with the highest quality fuel.

Premium Products, Unmatched Pedigree

Since 1965, we are proud to have earned a laundry list of recommendations and approvals from some of the largest diesel engine, turbine engine, airframe and fuel users across the globe. Biobor JF is mentioned specifically in numerous operation manuals for solving fuel contamination issues and is one of only two biocides approved for use in aviation jet fuel! The complete line of Biobor products continue in this pedigree and provide the same level of trust and proven performance as expected from our over 50 year long track record with Biobor JF.

So when you are choosing a fuel additive, don’t take our word for it… trust the products proven at 30,000 feet and recommended by OEMs worldwide. Check out some of these APPROVALS at the page above.