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Diesel fuel additives are a key component of year-round diesel fuel maintenance. With proper use of these additives, you can ensure that your diesel engine runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the year. Using Biobor diesel fuel additives year-round will provide numerous benefits, including improved lubricity, cetane rating, cold weather performance, overall fuel stability and microbial contamination control. Two Biobor additives that exceeds the demand of today’s diesel engines are Biobor DC and Biobor MD. Used in combination with Biobor JF fuel biocide you will save money. In this blog post, we will explore 6 reasons why you should use Biobor fuel additives year-round.

6 Reasons to Use Biobor Fuel Additives Year-Round

1. Lubricity

One of the key benefits of using Biobor fuel additives year-round is the improvement in lubricity. Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel can leave the fuel less than optimal in terms of lubrication. This can lead to wear and tear on engine components, which will lead to costly repairs. Both Biobor DC and Biobor MD contain a lubricity component and will reduce wear scar by around 20%. Biobor JF fuel biocide is naturally a lubricity agent. It too significantly reduces wear scar.

2. Cetane Rating

Cetane rating is a measure of a diesel fuel’s ability to ignite quickly when injected into the combustion chamber. The higher the cetane rating, the more quickly and efficiently the fuel will combust. It is important to maintain a proper cetane rating in diesel fuel as it affects the performance of the engine. Using Biobor DC or Biobor MD helps improves the cetane rating of your diesel fuel. They boost the cetane rating, helping to increase fuel economy, improve cold starting and reduce emissions. Using these additives in all the fuel, all the time will help ensure that your diesel fuel has the right cetane rating for optimum engine performance. Biobor MD increasing engine economy by 6.8% and Biobor DC by 7.3% They are both great choices if you’re looking to maximize your engine performance while minimizing your environmental impact and operating costs.

Biobor DC Saves You Money!

3. Cold Weather Performance

When temperatures dip and diesel fuel is exposed to cold weather, it can become increasingly difficult for engines to start. Biobor DC winter blend and Biobor MD are two fuel additives that can help improve your vehicle’s cold-weather performance. A cold flow improver, like the ones found in these additives, helps lower the cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of your fuel, allowing your engine to start more easily in colder climates. They inhibit wax crystal growth and prevent ice blockages as well as fuel filter icing. Biobor MD lowers reduces the CFPP by up to 22 degrees and Biobor DC winter blend by up to 30 degrees. In addition, both additives contain a water dispersant that helps prevent water accumulation in the fuel tank. This helps keep your fuel lines free from clogs and prevents water contamination, leading to better cold-weather performance.

Biobor DC+Cetane Winter Blend

4. Fuel Stability

Ensuring fuel stability is essential to preserving engine performance. Both Biobor DC and Biobor MD, offer protection against the problems associated with asphaltene and sludge formation. These additives help maintain fuel system cleanliness and provide optimal fuel quality, while increasing fuel efficiency. Best of all both DC and MD will extend the life of your diesel fuel. So if you are a seasonal user and need to store your diesel for lengthy periods of time both additives will increase its shelf-life. With Biobor Fuel Additives, you can be sure that your diesel fuel will have the best possible fuel stability year-round.

5. Microbial Contamination Control

Biobor JF is an essential diesel fuel additive for controlling microbial contamination in diesel fuel systems. It has been used since 1965 to protect fuel systems from bacterial growth, which can lead to a decrease in fuel stability and performance. Biobor JF prevents corrosion in fuel systems, making it a crucial tool for maintaining the health of your fueling equipment and its compatible with all fuel types. Biobor JF also adds lubricity, reducing wear scar by almost 18%. Use it with Biobor DC or MD to ensure fuel stability, protection and performance.

Biobor JF Works In All Fuel Types

6. Overall Engine Performance

Using a multifunctional additive package like Biobor DC or Biobor MD along with Biobor JF will dramatically improve your overall engine performance. Both DC and MD contain detergent additives that clean injectors, restore power and improve fuel economy. They reduce emissions and smoke, as well as prevent injector problems. The cold flow improvers and water dispersant components ensure that fuel stability is maintained when temperatures drop and provide improved cold weather performance. With continued use DC and MD, enhances the performance and life of diesel fuel while protecting and cleaning vital engine components, maintaining fuel economy and reducing emissions.

By using using Biobor additives year-round, you can help ensure that your diesel engine is getting the best protection possible. DC or MD will help keep your fuel system clean and running smoothly, while JF will prevent microbial growth in your tank. They help protect metal surfaces from corrosive elements. The unique combination of Biobor JF when used with Biobor DC or MD will help improve fuel economy, reduce smoke emission levels and reduce exhaust noise. All of these additive components work together to help enhance fuel stability and maximize your vehicle’s performance. During winter, cold flow improvers and water dispersants protect your engines against icing and water accumulation. Overall, investing in a good quality diesel additive package and making sure you use it regularly will be worth it in the long run!

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