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In our last post, we addressed the first step to Fuel Quality Management (FQM), testing. It also happens to be the first of three steps in Hammonds Test, Treat, Protect FQM program.

Once the fuel has been tested, treat the fuel! If fuel testing or visual assessments indicate contaminated or degraded fuel then treatment is necessary. Hammonds has a host of field tools available for quick and accurate assessment. FQM includes the proper use of biocides and fuel additives to remediate fuel quality issues. Use Biobor®JF to kill microbial growth and protect the system from MIC. Use Biobor® Fuel Additives to remediate fuel caused by oxidation and aging. When diesel fuel ages, it loses cetane, lubricity, essential detergents and stabilizers that need to be replaced. Use the Additive Treatment Chart below to determine which Biobor® product is appropriate or contact Hammonds and talk to one of the technical specialists.

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