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The 2022 hurricane season outlook is once again expected to be above average. Nineteen named storms are projected this year, according to the National Hurricane Center. If it’s anything like the last ten years, eight or them saw Atlantic storms starting before June 1st. If you live anywhere in the potentially affected areas, the time to prepare is NOW.

Hurricane Seasons

  • Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season: May 15-November 30
  • Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1-November 30
  • Central Pacific Hurricane Season: June 1-November 30

In 2021, Hurricane Ida became one of the most deadly and destructive storms to have hit the Gulf Coast. Over a million were without power and generator failure was a major issue. What causes generator failure? The main cause is attributed to poor or non-existent regular maintenance. The single most significant issue has to do with fuel quality. Long-term storage of fuel is tricky. Left unmanaged, it will go bad. It is not the time to deal with bad fuel during the emergency. If fuel is properly maintained, it will last a long time. The US Military regularly stores fuel for years without incident. The reason they have success is because they maintain their fuel. Generator fuel is no different.

Before hurricane season, have your generator fuel tested, treated and protected before the storm hits. Hammonds Fuel Additives has a proven program designed to reduce the fuel failures of the past.


Want to know more about Hammonds program, contact us. Ask the fuel quality professionals how we can help you with your generator fuel quality management program and don’t wait until the storms already here!

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