Diesel fuel as we know it has changed dramatically in the last five years. Sulfur has been removed and biodiesel blending is now common bringing a host of new fuel related issues to every engine that burns diesel. Biobor JF, Biobor MD and Lubribor are all products that can save the day for diesel engines. Trust the most recognized and approved family of fuel additives in the petroleum industry since 1965.

Why Use Our Diesel Products?

Two major changes in modern diesel fuel makes a dramatic difference in the dependability and long term life of your diesel engine. First, the process used to remove sulfur from diesel fuel removes lubricity affecting the life of all the moving parts in your diesel fuel delivery system. Fuel that historically did not have microbial issues now requires constant treatment in order to prevent microbial induced sludge caused by hydrocarbon utilizing microorganisms. Waste from the bugs is highly acidic, eating away at fuel tanks, lines and fuel metering systems in engines. To make matters worse, the addition of biodiesel, also generated by living organisms has compounded the bug issue. Treating all your fuel with Biobor JF will help eliminate these microbial issues while providing additional lubrication to ULSD to reach OEM recommendations. Biobor has been the world standard for treatment of all fuels since 1965.