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An Effective Solution for Detecting Microbes

Microbial contamination in fuel is a serious problem for storage tanks and equipment. Responsible for corrosion and engine failure, it is responsible for clogged filters, fuel lines and gauges. It causes seals, hoses and connections to swell and blister. Microbes are responsible for the worst corrosion found in fuel systems today. Early detection of contamination is vital to protecting your equipment and fuel supply.

Using the Hum-Bug Detector® Kit, a low-cost, easy-to-use early warning system will effectively identify Humbugs, hydrocarbon utilizing microorganisms. The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit detects microbial contamination in its earliest stages when used regularly to test your fuel. In order to avoid problems with your fuel supply, the presence of these microbes must be detected and eliminated.

When microbes are detected, use the most trusted biocide in the world to kill them.

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