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There are lots of fuel additives on the market, some better than others. Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. is the premiere fuel biocide and additive manufacture in the world. But why trust Hammonds Biobor products? Since 1965, Biobor products have stood the test of time. As fuel has changed, Biobor has maintained its premium standing. This post and the following one are reprints of testing completed by Practical Sailor. They have performed testing on numerous marine additives over recent years and are an organization that takes the guesswork out of boat and gear buying with their bold, independent, product-test reports just for serious sailors.

In November, 2015 Practical Sailor tested several gasoline and diesel products, looking for the best storage stability additives. Fuel ages quickly and when boats are placed in storage, fuel quality quickly diminishes. They tested 12 diesel fuel additives and 9 gasoline additives to determine the best fuel stability products.

Of all of the products tested, Biobor JF was determined to be the Best Choice for a biocide, Biobor MD came out on top as the best diesel fuel additive and Biobor EB was the top performing Best Choice gasoline additive. Over the years, independent testing has consistently shown Biobor products to be at the top. Read the entire article and understand why Biobor is the best.

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