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Marine Fuel Additives

Trust Biobor JF to keep sludge caused by microbial growth out of your tanks. Doing so will protect your engines fuel supply and prevent corrosion while bringing lubricity levels back to pre-low sulfur levels. Biobor EB will keep the ethanol in solution where it belongs, not in the bottom of your tank robbing your engine of needed octane and threatening to burn holes in pistons and dissolve fuel hoses and seals.

Why Use Our Marine Fuel Additives?

The marine environment presents a unique list of potential fuel related issues. Humid atmosphere, long periods of inactivity, questionable fuel quality, new formulations with ethanol and low sulfur, hydrogenated fuel and now bio fuels create a witches brew that can disable your boat and ruin expensive engines and fuel system components. See how the Biobor family of specialized products can safeguard not only your marine investment but your peace of mind. Biobor protects diesel, bunker, kerosene, gasoline, ethanol and bio fuels.