Coldflo with Lubribor

Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel and De-icer PLUS Lubricity

• Prevents fuel gelling and icing
• CFFP is significantly reduced
• Pour Point is significantly reduced
• Lubricates injectors and fuel pumps
• Minimizes the need for kerosene dilution
• Reduces fuel filter blockages and downtime

Product Description

Extreme winter temperatures can quickly lead to fuel flow blockages due to wax crystal formation and settling as well as fuel system icing. Diesel fuel gelling and the formation of these solids begin to plug fuel filters and eventually shut down engine operation. Our proven jet-fuel deicer also helps prevent blockages by reducing the freeze point of water present and dispersing moisture in the fuel system. As an added benefit, Cold Flo includes Lubribor lubricity improver to further protect injectors and fuel pumps from ULSD. The use of Biobor Cold Flo w/ Lubribor will provide the most advanced cold weather treatment for distillate fuels available and greatly reduce fuel flow blockages, vehicle downtime and the need for dilution with No.1 fuel. For the reliability of your fuel in the winter months, trust Biobor Cold Flo with Lubribor.


1 Gallon Treats 1,500 Gallons

32 Oz Bottle375 Gallons
1 Gallon Jug1,500 Gallons
5 Gallon Jug7,500 Gallons
55 Gallon Drum82,500 Gallons
330 Gallon Tote495,000 Gallons

Why Use Coldflo with Lubribor?

Biobor ColdFlo with Lubribor is a concentrated diesel fuel additive formulated to provide superior cold weather operability and engine protection. ColdFlo with Lubribor reduces the pour point and cold filter plug point of diesel fuel while also preventing ice and lubricating injectors and pumps. The use of this additive will enable diesel fuel to flow through filters at much lower temperatures and prevent fuel icing while also adding vital lubricity to ULSD. - Prevents Fuel Gelling - The cold flow improvers in Biobor winter products inhibit the growth and settlement of wax crystals allowing distillate fuels to flow through filters at much lower temperatures. Biobor Cold Flo provides a concentrated delivery of these improvers allowing for superior performance at regular, recommended dosages. -CFPP lowered by up to 30⁰F at regular treat rate -Pour Point is drastically reduced - Prevents Ice blockages and Filter Freezing - Non-alcohol jet fuel deicers prevent the freezing of moisture and entrained water at exponentially lower temperatures, preventing blockages and fuel filter freezing...