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Gasoline Ethanol Treatment and Performance Enhancer

DESCRIPTION: An RV can often live a dual-life; they can go unused for months at a time and then, without much warning or preparation, be put into grueling service. Today's gasoline provides a significant set of challenges for RV's. Fuel begins to breakdown and form gums and varnish, while ethanol blended gasoline introduces corrosion and phase separation issues.

To ensure that your RV is ready for your next trip, use Biobor EB at every fill up to combat the harmful effects of ethanol, keep your fuel fresh for its next use and ensure your engine is running at maximum efficiency and performance levels.


1 oz. Treats 15 Gallons

Size Treats
16 oz. Bottle 240 Gallons
32 oz. Bottle 480 Gallons
1 gal. Jug 1,920 Gallons
5 gal. Jug 9,600 Gallons
55 gal. Drum 103,680 Gallons
330 gal. Tote 633,600 Gallons
Prevents fuel phase separation
Cleans the entire fuel system
Full corrosion protection
Adds lubricity, protects elastomers
Stabilizes stored gas up to 18 months
Excellent for any 2 or 4 cycle engine

Product Information for Biobor EB

Biobor EB is a comprehensive gasoline fuel treatment for all gasoline and ethanol blends used in any two or four cycle engine. Using technology proven and trusted in our aviation additives, Biobor EB takes the same approach to helping prevent phase separation and controlling moisture. Biobor EB also contains stabilizers to keep fuel fresh, detergents to remove performance robbing deposits and protection from corrosion.

-Helps Prevent Phase Separation- Ethanol is hydroscopic and has a tendency to bond with water found in the fuel system and fall to the bottom of your tank. This process leads to a concentrated water/ethanol layer at the bottom of the fuel tank (where most fuel pick-ups are) and a loss of octane rating in the remaining gasoline layer. When fuel is then used by the engine, excessive knocking can take place, incomplete combustion and worst case, detrimental failure of engine components. Biobor EB helps prevent this ethanol/water bond and keeps the ethanol molecules in the proper suspension while allowing any excessive water to be removed through filtration.

-Stabilizes Gasoline- Gasoline can begin breaking down in as little as 30 days, forming gums and varnish that can damage engine internals and render fuel unusable. The oxidation process of gasoline is in fact expedited in ethanol-blended gasoline. Varnishing of piston rings and carburetor internals are often the most common victims of old, stale fuel. Biobor EB will stabilize fuel and keep it fresh for short term storage or up to 18 months.

-Cleans and prevents deposits As a byproduct of the combustion process, carbon deposits are often left behind on intake valves and other internal parts. These deposits are commonly the source for loss of efficiency, power loss and reduction of performance levels. The detergents in Biobor EB effectively remove and prevent deposits in the fuel system and keep varnishing and gums from accumulating in carburetors and other internal components, resulting in quick start and a more efficient better performing engine.

-Prevents Corrosion Corrosion is always an issue in fuel systems and components are even more susceptible with the use of ethanol-blended gasoline. Biobor EB has been consistently proven by industry testing to prevent the formation of rust and corrosion on metals commonly found fuel systems.

Overall, Biobor EB provides complete protection against the negative effects of ethanol and the numerous issues faced by gasoline engine today. With consistent use, Biobor EB will promote a clean, more efficient running engine and allow for more time enjoying your boat, ATVs, and power equipment and less time in the shop. Remember €˜an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure All the fuel, all the time.

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