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See You At M-PACT

April 19-21 Indianapolis, Indiana Come to booth 1728 and learn why more people are turn to Biobor Fuel Additives and Biobor JF microbicide for their fuel quality management needs. Ask the experts about how you can save money implementing Hammonds Test, Treat Protect plan. Follow… Read More »See You At M-PACT

How to Protect the Fuel in Your Tank

In this final post on fuel system management, we will look at understanding fuel storage systems and the solution to providing clean, dry fuel as well as reducing fuel system maintenance costs. This is what we call: A basic understand of the different types of… Read More »How to Protect the Fuel in Your Tank


Thursday, April 14 at 4:45pm Speaking on The Importance of Choosing the Right Fuel Biocide, Dr. Eakins will explore the 6 qualities of the ideal fuel biocide. Solubility Potency Compatibility Acceptability Stability Handleability Discover why choosing the right biocide can make the difference in your… Read More »JOIN BIOBOR AT NISTM

How to Treat the Problem in Your Fuel Tank

Biobor JF is the Answer Our last post investigated the challenges with finding the problem in your tank. This post will answer the question, “How do I treat the problem in my tank?” The simple answer is apply a biocide. However, there really never is… Read More »How to Treat the Problem in Your Fuel Tank

How to Find the Problem in Your Fuel Tank

Sampling and More Recent studies on retail and commercial fueling sites show the poor condition of both fuel and fuel systems. Only a small percentage of owners and managers say they regularly manage their systems. Not surprising that almost all of the diesel fuel samples… Read More »How to Find the Problem in Your Fuel Tank

Visit Us At Booth 316

SE Petro Show Looking for a way to save money and keep your customers happy? Provide the best fuel quality using Biobor’s easy Test, Treat, Protect program. Stop by and ask us how we can help you help your customers. Follow Biobor