High-Temperature Fuel Stabilizer and Detergent Additive

• Less Soot & Coke in Combustor
• Maintain Engine Power
• Keeps Fuel Nozzels Clean
• Reduces Operating Expenses
• Lowers Maintenance Costs
• Improves Flight Safety

Product Description

Turboline FS100 is a high-temperature fuel stabilizer and detergent additive designed to minimize carbon or coke deposits in turbine fuel combustion systems. Combined with antioxidant and metal deactivator additives, Turboline FS100 is a multi-functional product that is formulated with the same detergent technology used by the U.S. Air Force in the JP-8+100 program.

Why Use Turboline?

The JP-8+100 program was a study conducted by the U.S. Air Force in the 1980's to determine the effects of higher heat loads generated by new propulsion engines which were designed to power the next generation of fighter aircraft. Turboline FS100 is an additive which addresses the problems of high temperature fuel combustion. When jet fuel is exposed to increased temperatures, chemical reactions cause carbon and coke build-up on metal surfaces which can lead to poor fuel atomization, distorted fuel spray and an overall drop in engine performance. Turboline FS100 prevents this problem. In dirty systems, Turboline FS100 first stops reactions that cause carbon and coke build-up as the fuel is heated...